MagnetPowerNZ  Ltd    -  designers of bespoke and volume power electronic solutions to industry with integrated magnetics

Christchurch,  New Zealand,  Ph  +64 21 48 66 52


Full capability in power electronics design, volume DFM, DFT, consulting

& turnkey projects involving integrated magnetics up to 120kW.

EMC  and low noise specialists.


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High voltage DC/DC converters   e.g.  4.2kV  in  16kW out   (e.g. 350V  46 amps out)

Low noise inverters for RAPS (remote area power supply)  sites where radios must receive 0.5uV  without interference

MIL std  low RFI  power converters  (AC - DC,  DC - DC,  DC - AC)

High effiency inverters for all manner of industrial application,  FCC part 15 B  EMC compliance,  <5mA earth leakage current.

Very high frequency magnetics design for state of art converters  (500kHz - 10MHz)

MagnetPowerNZ Ltd has been designing inverters since 1993 for commercial and military clients.


Magnet power supplies  with quench protection:  10V 100A  4-Quadrant,    12V 600A  2 Quadrant.  Air cooled.  100ppm.


We have existing IP that will likely meet or exceed your requirements for power conversion.

Digital control loops

Detailed RFI know how to meet EMC standards

A stock of innovative thermal designs to allow aesthetic & effective packaging

Wide range input converters for the most demanding applications

Superior magnetics integration know how

DSP digital control of 300kHz converters


Current public project:  Li Fe PO4  battery  cell balancer  project  -  Lithium Ion prismatic cells

Designed for 4, 8 & 16 cell systems (12V, 24V,  48V), connects to each cell (e.g.  5 connects on a 12V battery, 9 on a 24V battery)

Other modules for balancing 12V blocks and/or 24V blocks  -   no limit on number of cells or bocks of cells that can be balanced.

Up to 5 amps balancing current  out-of / into   a cell (3V - 4.2V  typical range of a cell)

Automatic start up for 100mV imbalance beween any two cells,  5 amp current limit on each cell (in or out)

Bi-directional switchmode power circuit used for high efficiency - less than1 watt per cell losses at full power (5A)

Works during charge or discharge of a battery of cells.

Sleep mode when cells balanced.

Audible alarm for cells over 4V  (settable)  or under  2.8V  (settable)

Very reliable design with fusing and failure indication (audible and open collector pull down)

-40  to + 85 deg C operation  (+125deg C on request)

Small size.